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Tarinore Farm CSA Subscription

Building resilience and partnerships in our local community

CSA – Community Supported Agriculture was started in Japan in the 70s. It is based on principles of direct distribution with relationships between the farmer and the consumer. It works on the basis of sharing in the production based on organic, agroecological or regenerative farming, but also sharing in some of the risks.

Over the past year we have seen directly some of the short falls in the current food and distribution systems that are now so focused on share holder dollar returns and international trade.  The CSA model brings the security of your food back to a local and regional basis, providing you a direct link to us as farmers so you know where your food comes from, you monitor us to keep check on what and how we produce it, and we partner in the process.  Ultimately we want to produce a great healthy product for you (and us) and regenerate, improve and build a sustainable land base for the future.

CSA members, or subscribers, pay at the beginning of the year, or in our case for the moment each six months, for a share of the anticipated production. This will allow us to concentrate on farming and looking after our land.

What’s so good about being a CSA Member?

We know you’ll love the convenience of being a CSA member.

No more checking emails to see if orders are open. No more missing out on your pack of choice. No more decisions about which meat pack or sausage variety to choose each month.

Simply wait for your home-grown, flavoursome meat to be delivered to you at regular intervals.

More importantly, you can relish in a new food economy that has a heart, face and soul as you directly support your farmer.

How does our subscription work?

As a member of Tarinore Farm’s CSA, you will receive a monthly meat box, or a share, of the meat type you choose – Lamb/Hogget, Beef or a mix.

In simple terms you subscribe for a minimum of six months to a “share” of meat you will take, and pay for it upfront or in monthly instalments. What this does is gives us the ability to schedule and plan our production better, gives us some piece of mind, and what you get is a special price for your packs, bonuses and other specials for your box we will provide for our CSA members, and Invitations to special member events.

In the future we aim to offer 12mth subscriptions as we develop our land and production systems so we can ensure a constant supply all year for you.

If there is any one way to best support a farming family, it is to purchase a CSA share. By committing yourself to a share, which is paid six monthly, either up front, or monthly by direct debit, you better support our farming practices allowing us to focus on the management of our land and the health of our animals and give us the ability to be more resilient and able to make better decisions in our management. We want to develop a connection with you as our customer and bring you into our production and the production of the food you put on your table each day.

CSA is about FAIR FOOD and resilient and REGENERATIVE production, reflecting true production value, including that everyone wins, eater and farmers alike – Thank you for your respect, support and appreciation.

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