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About US

About US

Family Owned Farm

The Tarinore Farm Story

Tarinore is the product of a long held dream

Hi! We’re Glen and Lucy and we operate a farm east of Armidale in northern NSW – New England High Country.  We operate our farm using Regenerative Farming Principles that focus on partnering and working with nature to regenerate our land, grow happy and healthy animals and contribute to our local and regional community.

We produce Beef, Lamb and Hogget (yearling sheep) on our farm which we supply monthly to families across the New England and Coffs Coast – Armidale, Uralla, Guyra, Glen Innes, Inverell, Dorrigo, Bellingen, Coffs Harbour and surrounds. Our meat boxes are delivered monthly with convenience and value with a great healthy grass-fed product.

Looking Back

Having both grown up on sheep and cattle properties nearby we longed for the day of purchasing our own place and returning to farming. In 2018 we took the plunge and embarked on our dream.

As fate would have it we purchased our farm, rolled up our sleeves with great excitement and anticipation for all the plans we had in store and ran head on into one of the worst droughts in living memory.  Ouch!  Not to be deterred we raised our first batch of lamb for sale and made the decision to destock completely.  Conditions were awful in the New England and our aim was to look after our soils and be ready when conditions improved.

Improve they did, with fantastic welcome rain by the bucket load early in 2020.  Having no stock on-board meant Tarinore exploded with grass the like we had never seen!  We welcomed the arrival of our replacement stock and haven’t looked back.

As we are all too aware, rain was not the only significant event to arrive in 2020.  The beginning of a brand new decade and mother nature continues to test us all.  With the advent of the pandemic we all reflect on what is important to us.  In essence, for us, that is to give back to this earth; regenerate our landscape; produce healthy, ethically raised animals and share this produce with those looking acquire meat raised with utmost care.

More About Our CSA

How we produce

The production system we practice (and teach) is regenerative agriculture.  This is agricultural production that actively rebuilds the environment towards full health. It is an ecological approach to farming that enables landscapes to renew themselves. We work with nature to rebuild soil health, increase soil carbon and minerals, improve soil life, improve plant function and diversity, and in so doing, improve animal health as well.  We use minimal inputs, but when we do we utilise ones that benefit and not detriment the health of the system.  We tend to use organic inputs and some bio-dynamic inputs.

To ensure the whole system continues to function, there are times where we also need to use appropriate fertilisers and animal health treatments, but always with an eye on the impact on the life and regeneration of the system.  The goal is that the outcome is a regenerated landscape that sustains a diversity of healthy life including the humans we feed and the community we contribute to.

Happy Animals

Happy and ethically raised animals grazing pastures

Regenerating our land

Focus on healthy soils, healthy plants and biodiversity

Delivering Locally

Providing farm fresh meat to locals in our region

Pasture Raised Free Range

Livestock raised on pastures developed through partnering with nature

The goal is a regenerated landscape that sustains a diversity of healthy life

Including the people we feed and the community we contribute to.